About us

We make patient-centered care accessible. Caro keeps your patients up to date and well informed. Because we continually ask them about recovery, you can act quickly when needed. Physically, through our user-friendly chat or a secure video consultation. Care is our passion and making care patient-centered is our mission. This is what we work on. Every day, with a professional team and a lot of energy.

Great care is patient-centered care

The pressure on healthcare is great. At the same time, insufficient use is being made of new techniques and developments. Caro was developed from the patient's point of view and connects care to digital development. In this way, we bring patient and caregiver closer together. They work together more efficiently and are better informed, which promotes recovery.

Caro is humane


We make complexity accessible. For everyone. The individual is always our starting point. After all, patients and caregivers have other things on their minds than learning to deal with a complex digital system.

Caro is collaborative


Together with colleagues, caregivers and patients. Working together takes us further. Of that we are certain. By working together, listening to each other and learning from each other, the solution is more valuable and its adoption is higher.

Caro is progressive


We do not achieve our goals through the beaten path. We approach challenges with an innovative outlook. We break old patterns and don't let statements like "that's how we've always done it" slow us down.

Caro is playful


We tackle serious challenges in a playful way. Through play, we discover new paths to our goal. And let's face it, play is just plain fun!

Our team

Thomas Goijarts

Business Development

Guusje van der Heijden

Customer Success

Fleur Kerssemakers

Product Implementation

Bart Schoon

Product / Engineering

Napoleon Oikonomou


Yiannis Mouzalas


Ashankith Krishna


Julia Kortekaas

Product Specialist

Olivier Hendriks

Business Development

Our advisors

Klaas van der Heijden

Board Member & Medical Advisor
Healthcare Entrepreneur & Investor

Stephan Vehmeijer

Medical Advisor
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Coen van Beuningen

Board Member & Strategic Advisor
Bird Ventures & Teslin Capital

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