The implementation of the Flexclinics app

In the rapidly evolving world of medical care, innovation is an absolute necessity. Increasing efficiency and improving patient care are crucial goals for any healthcare facility. Flexclinics, an independent treatment center (ZBC) specializing in orthopedic and plastic surgery, chose Caro Health to achieve these goals.

In this article we take a look at the implementation process of the Flexclinics app, seen through the eyes of Annemiek Commerell. As Manager Front and Back Office, she was able to witness up close how this process not only went smoother than expected, but also turned out to be more efficient than expected. We would like to take you through her perspective in this process.

The implementation process in five steps

On July 19, 2023, the implementation process officially started with a kick-off at Flexclinics in Utrecht. During this meeting we were surrounded by a small group of healthcare professionals, including the enthusiastic Annemiek. "During this session we received clear explanations about how the app and the backend system work, and how the treatments are structured. We also got a taste of what our own Flexclinics app would eventually look like, both for us and for the patients," Annemiek explains.

The kick-off acted as the starting signal for a seamless process. The Flexclinics team got to work collecting existing treatment information, such as brochures and photos, which our implementation specialist Fleur Kerssemakers then used to implement the first two treatments in the Content Management System (CMS). In this backend system, the treatments, also known as care paths, are implemented and managed.

After a short CMS training, Annemiek, along with two Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery consultants and Founding partner & Anesthesiologist Peter van Aggelen were well prepared to work with the system and control the content of treatments. "Anyone who can work with a computer can handle the CMS. It is very user-friendly," stresses Annemiek. "Our role during the implementation process was mainly to check the content of the treatments, to see if the information matches our guidelines and instructions. Caro already provides a very complete piece for us to work with," Annemiek explains.

Four treatments integrated with minimal effort

After checking the content of the treatments, a joint testing session took place and the finishing touches were added. After this, the app was ready to go live on Sept. 1, exactly six weeks after the start of the implementation process.

In this short period, a total of four treatments were successfully integrated: knee replacement, hip replacement, abdominoplasty and breast correction. Annemiek and her team were pleasantly surprised with the low workload surrounding the implementation process. "I expected it to be a lot of work, and that we would have to provide and process a lot of input, but I was very pleasantly surprised by that," Annemiek shares positively. "We only needed a few hours per treatment."

Continuous optimization of the app

One month after launch, the first evaluation always takes place. This type of evaluation moment is a recurring process, where feedback from both patients and staff is discussed and used to continuously optimize the app. The first results of the Flexclinics app are now known: patients give the app an average of 8.5! "The app provides fine information when it is needed. The advice given based on your symptoms offers a lot of support, because as a patient you are often uncertain about the symptoms and their progress," says one patient.

"The app provides fine information when needed. The advice given based on your symptoms offers a lot of support, because as a patient you are often uncertain about the symptoms and their progress."

Within six weeks, the app was up and running

"The whole process went very smoothly. It's nice that we can make adjustments in the CMS independently so we are not dependent on Caro," notes Annemiek. She also liked the clear, smooth guidance. "After asking a question we could proceed almost immediately, which accelerated the process. Without the good, quick support of Fleur and her colleagues, it would have become a much longer story." she adds.

Confidence in the future

Annemiek emphasizes that the Flexclinics app allows them to provide patients with important information and facilitate better communication. "Patients now have access to all the information they need in one place and can use the app to communicate with us. Everything is concentrated in one app," she enthuses. They especially like the chat feature and the ability to remind patients of bills and payment deadlines, which can save time and money.

"We especially like the chat feature. Every time we receive a new chat message from a patient, we also receive an e-mail notification." explains Annemiek. The chat proves to be an efficient way to answer patient questions. "You can answer a chat message in your own time and you have the option of looking up an answer. This is in contrast to a phone call, where you sometimes have to call back because you don't have the answer right away," she adds.

With a smooth implementation process and the support of Caro Health, Flexclinics implemented their app quickly and efficiently. Annemiek is confident that the app will meet their expectations and contribute to an improved patient experience.