Ksyos x Caro: Digital Healthcare Transformation

Ksyos x Caro Health: a digital solution that transforms the bariatric care pathway

‍Ata time when healthcare is increasingly driven by technological advances, Ksyos has positioned itself as the digital hospital of the Netherlands. Since March 2023, Ksyos and Caro Health have joined forces to deploy Caro's digital solution for the entire bariatric care pathway. The result: the Ksyos Bariatrics app! Marthe Steenhuizen, Obesity Product Manager at Ksyos, is happy to share how this innovative solution improves the care pathway.

The Ksyos Bariatrics app: education and monitoring in one

‍InApril 2023, the Ksyos Bariatrics app was launched, which digitizes the entire care process around gastric bypasses. Marthe explains: "The app allows patients to receive care from providers from home, at the time they need it, tailored to their needs. "Both the pre- and post-treatment stages of the bariatric care pathway are available through the app. "Once patients are signed up for the pathway, they receive a link to download the app. In the pre-pathway, patients are prepared for gastric bypass surgery via the app through an e-learning and information about the pathway," Marthe clarifies. After surgery, the focus is on providing information and continuous monitoring. Through automated questionnaires, including the standardized OBESI-Q questionnaire and periodic weight checks, healthcare providers can closely monitor the patient's health. Through a link between Caro's system and Ksyos' Electronic Patient Record, caregivers can see the values directly in their own system. "If there is anything abnormal, a task to contact is automatically created. You take away the whole manual piece of monitoring with this, and go more targeted," Marthe adds.

Marthe Steenhuizen - Product Manager Obesity @ Ksyos

Deliver accessible and efficient care via chat

The chat feature in the app is one of the highlights, as it allows patients to contact Ksyos' outpatient staff in an approachable way. Marthe notes, "Patients can send a message in a low-threshold way, which is much more appropriate in this day and age than calling or emailing." Marthe also hears many positive noises from the outpatient staff. "It's an easy way to make contact. Normally the outpatient clinic always calls, but patients don't always answer, or sometimes it's just not convenient. With the chat, both outpatients and patients can answer at a time that is convenient. You are less dependent on when someone is available. That works very pleasant," Marthe explains. In addition, the app reduces incoming phone calls. "Many questions patients have are answered via the app. Because they have such accessible contact with the outpatient clinic via the chat, they are less likely to contact, for example, the family doctor or the hospital. If necessary, the poli forwards patients to the hospital. This is a great example of the right care in the right place," Marthe says enthusiastically.

Constantly innovating together

‍Togetherthey are constantly thinking about how to further develop the app. "Caro is a very nice partner to develop a product with. It is very nice to work with. The app is continuously improved and the cooperation goes very smoothly," Marthe says. Marthe is most looking forward to the automatic translations in the app, so patients can always read the information in their own language. "Within the Obesity track, we have many patients who do not have a good command of Dutch. If we can soon offer the content in their own language, they will be able to understand it better. This will allow them to get more out of the trajectory which may lead to better results," Marthe says.

Is your interest piqued?

‍TheKsyos Bariatrics app illustrates the power of technology to transform healthcare. Innovative solutions not only increase efficiency and accessibility, but also improve the quality of care, with positive outcomes for both providers and patients. Has the story of Ksyos and Caro Health piqued your interest and would you like to learn more about Caro's digital solution? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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