Innovation within fertility care at MC Kinderwens

Innovation within fertility care at Children's Medical Center

In the impressive world of fertility care, effective and rapid communication plays a crucial role. Medical Center Kinderwens embraced Caro Health's innovative approach to streamline and improve the Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) process. We share the story of Caroline Diepeveen, IUI coordinator at Medisch Centrum Kinderwens, and Arne van Heusden, director at Medisch Centrum Kinderwens, talking about their experiences working with Caro Health.

‍Clienttracking was a time-consuming process

During the IUI process, it is essential to monitor clients closely so that Medical Center Kinderwens can give them the necessary attention when needed. Caroline explains the process for deploying the Caro app: "By creating tasks for each client and scheduling them regularly, we received a daily list of clients whose records we needed to review that day. This allowed us to track each client's trajectory and give extra attention when needed, such as in the case of a miscarriage. It often turned out afterwards that we didn't need to call or support someone. But, if we didn't check these tasks daily, we didn't notice in time if something was going on," Caroline explains. 

"The task list got longer and longer, and at one point we had to check 60 to 70 women daily. It was a race against the clock every day to complete all the tasks. The moment you had someone who really needed contact, for example because she had already had so many treatments and wasn't feeling up to it anymore, there really wasn't enough time for it."

A more targeted approach through the Caro app

So this process led to an overloaded to-do list for staff and a lack of time for personal attention for clients. "That has to change!" they thought at Medical Center Kinderwens. To address these challenges, Medical Center Kinderwens and Caro Health joined forces in 2022. Together they figured out the treatment path in the Caro app, including the necessary functionalities. "That was really great to do," Caroline says enthusiastically.

"Caro has helped us be more focused," says Caroline. "Before, we had to check a lot of files unnecessarily. The app now gives us the big picture overview without the overwhelming task lists. We can see exactly who needs extra attention and receive notifications when clients want extra support. This saves a lot of time."

Easy communication with clients

In communicating results, such as from an ovulation test or pregnancy test, the Caro app has also improved. Previously, clients had to use three different e-mail addresses and two phone numbers to relay information, fill out forms and schedule appointments. "Often clients forgot to report that they had had their first period, or filled out the wrong form," Caroline says.

"Now clients have one app on their phone. They get a notification the moment they need to fill out a questionnaire or read something important. When they open the app, they can easily fill out the questionnaire, read up on the next step in their journey or chat with us. Very convenient and efficient!"

Higher client satisfaction

The use of Caro Health has not only increased efficiency but also increased client satisfaction. "We notice significant difference in client satisfaction," Caroline explains. "Our Net Promoter Score has gone up 18 points, indicating that the app is appreciated by our clients. The app gives them guidance, in the broadest sense of the word. Clients have Medical Center Kinderwens literally under the button. They can chat, provide details and have all the information they need at their fingertips. It's a huge step forward in expectation management and the quality of our care."

Arne, director of Kinderwens Medical Center, also emphasizes this increase in client satisfaction: "The need for an app like this is extremely high; client satisfaction is extremely important. Thanks to the Caro app, our NPS is above the benchmark."

Dr. Arne van Heusden - Gynecologist and Director MC Kinderwens

The future of fertility care 

Caroline urges other fertility clinics to seriously consider Caro Health. "With Caro you move with the times and deliver much better service to your clients. We get fewer calls and can provide more targeted support through the app. We have more time left over to really dive into someone's case and give them the personal attention they need."

So Caro Health has not only transformed the care process at Kinderwens Medical Center, but also improved the overall experience of clients and employees. It is an inspiring example of how innovation in healthcare can make a tangible difference.